The daydream: a safer, better bet

Comment below if this has ever felt true for you:

There’s something you dream about creating for yourself. You love to think about how your life would look if you created it; what you’d do, how you’d do it, and why.

You fantasize about how it’d all look, feel, and who you’d be.

It’s wonderful.

But you don’t try to create it, not really. Maybe here and there, but you don’t commit.

It feels scary. If you fail, you might finally learn some awful truth about yourself.

The fear that if you actually pursue what you want, you’ll discover your deepest fears are true; that you can’t, that you’re not enough.

Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, you decide it’s better, safer, not to truly try.

Better and safer not to do the thing at all; that way you’ll never know for sure if you can’t, and you can continue enjoying the daydream rather than sitting in disappointment.

This scenario has been true for me before and sometimes I still catch myself in this kind of thinking, making decisions from a place of fear.

But making decisions from a place of fear — making decisions around what I’d like to avoid rather than what I’d like to create is playing small and robs me of lessons, growth, and the true joy that comes from working towards creating what it is I truly want.

Are you making decisions from a place of fear or courage? If you’re making decisions from a place of fear, are those decisions enabling you to become who you aspire to be?



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Arielle Shnaidman

Arielle Shnaidman

Executive Coach for Founders & Leaders. Brand Marketing Consultant for Startups.